Our Services

Moving Packages


Why move the clutter and things you don't need?  We will help with the old place and setting up the new place!

Sandwich generation


Need to move Mom and Dad?  30-40 years of memories - Keep what's important - Let us help ease the stress.

"Don't go in that room"


Need to take control back of your home or office?

Pricing room by room or for the entire home/office.  

About Us


Sammi Scott, RN, Owner, Chief Organization Consultant

Sammi has a passion for helping others and has done so for many years.  She has been an RN for 27 years, working in many different venues including home care and currently hospice.  She combined her passion for helping others with her natural organizing ability to help others to not only create an organized home and work area, but to maintain it! 


Dixie Schneider, RN, Organization Consultant

Dixie shares her mom's passion for helping others and has worked as a nurse for 11 years.  Having three kids, four horses and a busy lifestyle has shown her the necessity of keeping her home and work areas organized!  "When your space is organized, you can think clearly and be so much more productive, giving you more time for what is really important in life!"


Putting the Pieces Together

Disorganization in one area of your life affects the other areas as well.  Let us help you put the pieces together!